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The Blog Launch

A 10-Day Step by Step Email Course
to Guide You Through Launching Your Blog, FAST!

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Bloggers are creating content, growing their audience, attending events and working with brands. Now you want to do the same and launch your own blog.

This comprehensive 10-day email course will guide you through how to launch your blog, FAST! It covers everything from defining your niche, technical set up, creating content, using an editorial calendar, SEO, Google Analytics and so much more!

10-Day Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Defining Your Niche

Lesson 2: Installing Your Blog

Lesson 3: Writing for the Web

Lesson 4: Images & Graphics

Lesson 5: Producing Video

Lesson 6: Types of Content

Lesson 7: Re-purposing Your Content

Lesson 8: Using a Content Calendar

Lesson 9: Implementing SEO

Lesson 10: Google Analytics

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Meet Your Instructor Alethea Robinson

Your Instructor
Alethea Robinson, Blogger-in-Chief

I’m Alethea — the founder and blogger-in-chief at See Girl Work. I host a podcast series and moderate workshops & events.

In addition to the blog, I am also a freelance marketer and content producer. I work with founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them develop a refined and polished online presence and I help them amplify their brand communications through strategic content marketing strategies designed to impact their bottom line. Learn more about my freelance marketing business.


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