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See Girl Work is an online marketing resource for women small business owners, freelancers, content creators and bloggers. We publish a marketing blog, produce a podcast series, facilitate workshops and host events. We also help clients.

The See Girl Work blog is marketing resource for women small business owners, freelancers, content creators and bloggers. We want to expose you to a range of business, marketing and productivity knowledge to help you advance your business ventures and feel successful in your pursuits. We also share stories and insights from other women business owners so that you can learn and grow your business as well.

In the See Girl Work podcast series, we share marketing, branding, business and productivity tips, tricks and strategies to help you advance your small business and feel successful in your pursuits. You can listen to our bi-weekly podcast on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes.

Our Speaker Series features live interviews and conversations with women business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators and bloggers. Our discussions revolve around starting your own business, marketing & branding, business development, work-life integration and the challenges of being a boss. Interested in attending our live interview events? Subscribe below to be the first to know.

Our interactive workshops provide an opportunity to learn, collaborate and have fun! In these workshops, we explore everything from setting up your WordPress blog, email marketing, SEO for bloggers, and running social media campaigns to LinkedIn optimization, personal branding and resume-building.

Through our work and the content we curate, we have established the See Girl Work community, a highly engaged and inspired online social platform.

Meet the Editor  Alethea Robinson

Meet the Editor
Alethea Robinson, Blogger-in-Chief

I’m Alethea — the founder and blogger-in-chief at See Girl Work. I host a podcast series and moderate workshops & events.

In addition to the blog, I am also a freelance marketer and content writer. I work with founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them develop a refined and polished online presence and I help them amplify their brand communications through strategic content marketing strategies designed to impact their bottom line. Learn more about how my freelance business.

Let us know how we’re doing or send in any questions that you may have. Email us at info (at) seegirlwork.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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