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I provide freelance marketing and

content writing services for small businesses



Welcome to See Girl Work

I provide freelance marketing and content writing services for small businesses. I craft website copy, email newsletters and blog posts. I produce websites, create social media strategies and content. In addition to my freelance business, I am also founder and blogger-in-chief for the See Girl Work blog. I host a podcast series, moderate workshops and host events.


Freelance Marketing & Content Development

I work with founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them develop a refined and polished online presence and I help them amplify their brand communications through strategic content marketing strategies designed to impact their bottom line.

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Clients & Case Studies

I've helped small business clients set their strategic direction, develop their marketing capabilities, and connect their business to their customers needs. Learn more about some of the projects that I've worked on.


Blog & Podcast

I run the See Girl Work blog, a marketing resource for small business owners, freelancers, content creators and bloggers. We want to expose our readers to a range of business, marketing and productivity knowledge to help them advance their business ventures. We also share stories and insights from other like-minded business owners so that our readers can learn and grow from their insights as well. I also host the See Girl Work podcast series.



Events & Workshops

Our events and workshops provide an opportunity to learn, collaborate and have fun! Our Speaker Series features live interviews and conversations with women business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators and bloggers. In our workshops, we explore everything from setting up your WordPress blog and email marketing to LinkedIn optimization and personal branding.



Through our work and the content we curate, we have established the See Girl Work community, a highly engaged and inspired online social platform for women and entrepreneurs to feel motivated, entertained, informed and connected. You can find our community on InstagramTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.